A few of Dr. Aaron Ward's proven modalities for treating Ocean Park Chiropractic's satisfied patients are a combination of Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR), Post Isometric Relaxation, Deep Tissue/Cross-Fiber Massage, Trigger-Point Therapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Myo-fascial Release, and Lymphatic Drainage along with gentle Chiropractic adjustments, when needed.

Dr. Aaron Ward supports all patients with a willingness to listen, a profound understanding of the problem, and effective communication regarding what needs to happen to bring about healing in the physical, mental, and emotional body.

A visit to Ocean Park Chiropractic, along with your participation in a personal home-care program consisting of stretching and exercise, can provide you with lasting results and relief from chronic and acute pain of all kinds including but not limited to: